Bill Lovett

I've seen some things.

  • I'm a full-stack web developer.
  • I have a history of working remotely.
  • PHP, Python, and TypeScript projects are available on GitHub.


Contract Web Developer, 2006 - present

  • Various combinations of front-end and back-end work, usually as a solo developer.
  • Marketing-oriented sites using WordPress.
  • Collaboration with UX, design, and other stakeholders to define scope and lend technical perspective.

Senior PHP Software Engineer, IAC Applications, 2015 - 2017

  • Application architecture and implementation for the marketing and sales channels of subscription-based desktop software.
  • Laravel and ad-hoc codebases for 8 interconnected properties.
  • Multiple e-commerce processor backends.
  • Internationalization support for 5 languages.
  • Scrum-style development and a lot of code review.

Front-end Developer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2013 - 2014

  • SPA JavaScript UI using Backbone, fed by a REST API.
  • Agile development process within a team of 12.

Lead PHP Developer, Open Road Media, 2011 - 2014

  • Expanded a publishing company's custom-built CMS and XML API.
  • Evolved the application architecture to leverage message queues.
  • Built a faceted search system using Sphinx.


  • Database MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Sqlite.
  • Languages and runtimes PHP, Python 3, JavaScript, Bash, Node, Sass
  • Front-end Vue.js and TypesScript. Previously: React, Angular, Backbone.
  • Back-end frameworks Laravel, Express, CherryPy. Previously: Django, Rails, Cake, CodeIgniter, Symfony.
  • Web servers Nginx, Apache.
  • Configuration managment Ansible.
  • Version control Git and Fossil.


  • BA, New York University