Bill Lovett

I've seen some things.

Consultant, 2017 - present

  • I do front- and back-end development on projects that need a technical resource.
  • I write code and provide technical advice about design, UX, branding, and process.

Senior PHP Software Engineer, IAC Applications, 2015 - 2017

  • I expanded a multi-gateway e-commerce payment system in response to evolving business needs.
  • The work involved 8 Laravel sites and multiple internal API services.

Front-end Developer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2013 - 2014

  • I wrote a JavaScript UI using Backbone for managing legal workflows.
  • The project followed Scrum ceremonies with a team of 12 people.

Lead PHP Developer, Open Road Media, 2011 - 2014

  • I expanded a CMS and API for an ebook publisher.
  • I introduced worker queues with Beanstalkd and faceted search using Sphinx.

Full-stack Web Developer, 2000 - 2011

  • I had front- and back-end developer roles at several NYC interactive agencies.
  • I built over 100 sites during this period.


  • Languages and runtimes PHP, SQL, Python, JavaScript, Bash, Node.js, Sass, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks Laravel, WordPress, Express, CherryPy, Django, Rails, Cake, CodeIgniter, Symfony
  • Front-end Vue, React, TypeScript, AngularJS, Webpack, Rollup
  • Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, Redis
  • Web Servers Nginx, Apache
  • Configuration Ansible, Make
  • Version control Git, Fossil


BA, New York University